Harbin Bearings

Harbin Bearings, proudly crafted in the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang province, offer unparalleled precision, durability, and reliability. Trusted by industries worldwide, our bearings ensure seamless operation and maximum efficiency in diverse applications. Experience the difference with Harbin Bearings – where quality meets performance. We provide bearings of all types and all sizes, catering to a wide range of industrial needs.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Deep groove ball bearings have the characteristics of low friction resistance, high ultimate speed, ability to withstand radial loads or combined loads acting both radially and axially, and can also be used to withstand axial loads. Application. Deep groove ball bearings are widely used in various machinery and equipment, including low-power electric motors, automotive and tractor transmissions, machine tool gearboxes, general machinery, tools, instruments, household appliances, internal combustion engines, transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, and construction machinery. In addition, deep groove ball bearings are particularly suitable for high-speed rotation and situations that require low noise and low vibration.

Level Up Machine Performance with Industrial ball bearing Supplier 

Yuan Zhen proudly presents its state-of-the-art ball bearings designed to enhance machine performance and precision. As a premier industrial ball bearing supplier, our ball bearings are engineered with utmost precision to ensure uniformity and smooth operation in machine movement. Easily adjustable to a variety of manufacturing processes, simple or difficult, our bearings set the gold standard for impeccable machine functionality.

Precision Engineering by Machining Experts

We take great pride in our dedication to precision craftsmanship. Utilizing cutting-edge CNC machines, our ball bearings are manufactured to meet the highest global standards. Each bearing undergoes stringent quality inspections to ensure peak performance, durability, and extended lifespan.

Unleash Machine Potential with Angular Bearings

When it comes to raising the performance bar of high-speed machinery in a fast-paced production environment, our angular contact bearings are an excellent option. Manufactured to tolerate axial and radial loads at the same time, these bearings have enhanced rigidity and precision. Our angular bearings are suitable to fit into machine tools and automated machinery. 

Discover the Versatility of Groove Bearings

Our multi-purpose deep groove ball bearings are perfect for boosting the performance of a diverse range of machines like automotive manufacturing, textile machinery, and agricultural machinery. The simple yet brilliant design of these bearings makes them effective in radial load bearing during machine operation. Moreover, they also minimize machine noise by making machine movement seamless. You can expect a consistent performance level once these groove bearings become a part of your machine. 

Partner for Enhanced Productivity 

Our ultimate goal is to witness our clients thrive. From product quality to customer satisfaction, we prioritize performance, consistency, and innovation. As an industrial ball bearing supplier, we specialize in supplying numerous manufacturers, and our bearings are competitively priced to enable manufacturers to achieve profitability.

Join us as a partner and unlock the potential of premium ball bearings in your mechanical applications. Explore our collection of ball bearings today and discover the perfect solution for your requirements.