Northeast Heilongjiang shiitake mushroom

One-stop procurement, source manufacturers, shiitake mushrooms from the black soil, no additives, preservatives, healthy and green.

Heilongjiang Daxinganling hazel mushroom

Monkey hazel mushroom from Daxinganling, healthy green food, hand-collected from small farmers, no additives, preservatives

Dried Shiitake Mushroom Supplier and Wholesome Benefits

All the customers who want low-cost mushrooms in bulk should head to us. Harbin Yuanzhen Trading Co., Ltd. is their new source of shiitake mushrooms. We bring not only authentic quality but also healthy mushrooms. This place is all about finding the quality you want. The preservation process we follow keeps them fresh. Besides their freshness, we maintain the flavor too. You will find them wholesome for lots of uses. 

We Offer a Cut-Price Supply of Shiitake Mushrooms 

Harbin Yuanzhen Trading keeps the prices low for all of you. This is where you can purchase wholesale shiitake mushrooms. Our price range is very low, and you can take this opportunity. Since we supply them in large quantities, you can get discounts from us. Our wholesale price range is available for retailers and every other one. The only condition to get discounts is via wholesale purchases. If you want to purchase these mushrooms in bulk, we are available. This will make you get feasible prices very conveniently. 

Safe Extraction and Quality Assurance for Consumer Safety

From the extraction process to the quality assurance, we follow top methods. This means you can consider us a dried shiitake mushroom supplier for yourself. Harbin Yuanzhen Trading maintains its health benefits by preserving them well. This preservation makes them safe for consumers all around the world. We extract them with expertise and accuracy for the well-being of consumers. Our quality assurance method maintains the benefits, taste, and shelf life of shiitake mushrooms. 

Rich in Nutrition for Chinese Medicines and Dishes

They have enough nutrition to meet the requirements of medicines and cuisines. We supply wholesale shiitake mushrooms to help consumers with nutrition intake. Our focus is on supplying healthy mushrooms of different natures. All the culinary uses will meet their objectives through us. Likewise, they will lead to multiple benefits regarding health. 

• May Support immune health

• Source of enough calories and vitamins

• Having authentic flavor

• You can use them in traditional Chinese medicines 

Far-Reaching Supply for Worldwide Customers

Harbin Yuanzhen Trading has enough supply capacity to meet your requirements. We have bulk supplies of shiitake mushrooms for everyone. Our strength in international supply is high. You can take advantage of this service by placing bulk orders. Then we will supply mega quantities of mushrooms to you. Since we deal in bulk, you can place orders for large volumes only.