Northeast Shangzhi black fungus

Northeast Shangzhi black fungus, ingenuity quality, from small farmers hand-collected, no additives, preservatives, green and healthy

Bring Real Taste of Asian Dishes with Black Fungus Supplier

It is hard to find black fungus of such great quality. You have an opportunity in the form of Harbin Yuanzhen Trading Co., Ltd. Seize it by procuring black fungus from us with lots of other benefits. Asian dishes will not be short of any ingredient anymore. We bring these healthy fungi for you at a very reasonable cost. You will find here the quality suitable for health and taste. 

Promoting Consumer Safety and Healthy

Our extraction process is safe, which reflects the safety of consumers. Consumers can trust our production method since we supply wholesale dry black fungus. We maintain hygiene as well as flavor for the sake of customer satisfaction. Harbin Yuanzhen Trading is here to supply what all the buyers want. We are here to offer safe and healthy black fungus for you. Our quality assurance team works on each element to ensure that. 

Providing a Number of Medical and Culinary Benefits  

Choose a black fungus supplier to get all the benefits in terms of health and taste. Harbin Yuanzhen Trading is here to meet your requirements regarding medical and culinary uses. The black fungus that we supply offers a fine list of health benefits. That means you can use them in medicines as well as dishes.

· Rich with nutrition 

· Low in fat

· Promotes gut health

· Source of antioxidants

· Key ingredient for Chinese medicines 

· Boosts immune health

Reaching Different Continents for International Supply

Our supply is available for almost everyone. All the customers can find wholesale dry black fungus available here. Harbin Yuanzhen Trading supplies them all over the world. It is because of our global reach, which makes us a global name. We are a rising name that you can always trust. We promote the international supply of black fungus to meet global needs. All the consumers in the world can have access to black fungus easily. 

Wholesale Prices for Retailers and Industrial Customers

Harbin Yuanzhen Trading is a wholesaler whom you can count on. We have the most budget-friendly rates you can find. So, seize the opportunity to purchase low-cost black fungus in bulk. We supply them in large volumes with discounted rates. You can procure them in bulk from us easily. We have reduced the prices for all the buyers in the industry. We maintain the prices at a low level for all the customers out there.