Heilongjiang Daxinganling pine kernel

Pine nuts from the Great Khingan Mountains are nutritious and healthy, without any additives and preservatives

Supercharge Your Health with our Wholesale Pine Nuts

Harbin Yuanzhen Trading brings you top-quality, organic pine nuts from the Khingan Mountains of Northeast China. These pine nuts are packed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Give a boost to your heart health and immunity by buying in bulk and making your diet healthy and nutritious. 

Make Cuisines Delicious with a Nutty Flavor

Give an exotic flavor to your food dishes by using these pine nuts. Whether you are making a dessert or a savory dish, these pine nuts are versatile ingredients to add a rich and unique flavor to any dish. A tasteful dish can make the day of anyone, so present your nutty-flavored creations to customers and guests and gain a worthy reputation. 

Fresh and Flavorful from farm to Food Table

As a global supplier of wholesale pine nuts, we know that flavor retention is crucial, and our pine nuts are sourced from top organic growers. These pine nuts are a prized specialty of Northeast China, and with our cutting-edge packaging and processing that retains the flavor, you can experience the exotic flavor in all its glory once they are delivered to you. Each nut is picked with great care so that you get the best combination of size and flavor.           

Save Big with our Wholesale Discounts

As a bulk pine nuts supplier, we have experience in wholesale pine nuts worldwide and are a trusted name in the industry. Many bakeries and restaurants source from us, and our discounts on bulk purchasing will help you keep your sourcing costs low. Don’t miss the chance of our cut prices to bring the organic flavor to your customers and delight them 

We Believe in Preserving the Environment

We believe preserving the flavor is linked with preserving the environment and we give top priority to sustainable farming methods and sourcing. Preserving the environment of native regions is the best strategy for preserving the flavor of pine nuts. Whenever you buy from us know that you are supporting us in making this earth greener. 

Order Now to Experience the Flavor

We strive to deliver the best quality since that is what matters. Whether you are a health conscious person or a food facility that incorporates pine nuts in their recipes or someone who just want a nice snack our premium pine nuts will give you the complete package of nutrition and flavor that you desire.